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A Letter to GoneReading’s Facebook Fans

A signature design from GoneReading, now available for purchase at

Dear GoneReading Fans:

An amazing thing happened this past weekend: After less than four months since it’s launch, GoneReading welcomed its 1,000th Facebook Fan.  What started as an experiment is blossoming into a genuine online community of book lovers, bibliophiles and readers.  I offer you a heartfelt thank you for your support of GoneReading!

You are the heart and soul of GoneReading.  You’re our biggest supporters, contributors, promoters and customers.  You inspire us, give us great ideas and support, and are an invaluable part of our early success.

For Our Newest Fans – A Quick Primer on GoneReading

  • GoneReading is the only lifestyle brand designed exclusively for book lovers like yourself.  GoneReading generates all income through the sale of our unique line of gifts for readers.  Buy some amazing gifts for book lovers by shopping online here!
  • GoneReading is a philanthropic enterprise that was founded to bring the magic of reading to places where it doesn’t exist.  We will donate 100% of our profits to fund reading libraries and other literacy programs in the developing world.  You can read more about our cause here.
  • Our Facebook Fanpage provides book lovers with tips, news and discussion of unique interest to readers, while also sharing the GoneReading story.

Our Facebook Fanpage is an interactive community, and we encourage your input, feedback and involvement.  Please reach out to us, and your fellow community members, with questions, ideas, tips and suggestions as it relates to your love of reading, books and the literary-lifestyle.

How to Support our Philanthropic Mission Without Spending a Dime
Of course I would love nothing more than for you to buy lots of GoneReading merchandise, but there are two important ways in which you can support our cause without spending a dime:
  1. Invite your fellow book loving friends to join our Facebook Fanpage.  Can we get to 2,000 Fans in record time?  I’m sure you know at least a handful of readers that would love to “Like” GoneReading, and I would be honored for you to make the recommendation.
  2. As you follow our Facebook posts, please “Like”, Comment and/or Share the pieces that inspire you.  Not only does this give us tremendous feedback on your likes (and dislikes), but Google and the other search engines actually track fan interaction on Facebook.  The more Likes, Comments and Shares we “earn” on Facebook, the more searchers will find our online store and buy our products.
I can’t thank you enough for your support of GoneReading in its embryonic stage.  With your continued help, what started as an idea only six months ago will ultimately transform countless lives by enabling readers around the world.
Please share your thoughts by commenting below, or reach out to me with an email to!
Bradley S. Wirz, Founder & CEO
P.S. Two more sample product designs below.  Visit GoneReading’s Online Store, where dozens of our product designs are available on hundreds of different products!

Bernie Madoff’s Reading List: Random News for Book Lovers

Featured product design from GoneReading. Support literacy by shopping online at

This week’s edition of Random News for Book Lovers:

  • Apple has reportedly filed a patent for a new technology that would allow easier iPhone/iPad reading in bright sunlight, at least while wearing polarized sunglasses.  No word on when the technology could be available in Apple products.
  • As if being the future Queen of England wasn’t enough, it turns out that Kate Middleton is related to literary great Jane Austen.  Read about it on Beattie’s Book Blog.
  • Want to know what Bernie Madoff is reading in jail?  Check it out here, along with some suggestions on what he should be reading instead.  This story also reaffirms my secret desire to serve time, although I would like to do so by committing something lesser of a crime.
  • It might be a little early to call the death of bookstores.  Read the story here, along with some pithy suggestions on how they can evolve to keep up with the times.  Thanks to A Writer’s Desk for bringing the story our way.
  • Lastly, if you love the sight of big, beautiful bookshelves, then you’re going to love Bookshelf Porn.  Thanks to The Book Garden for bringing it to our attention.
Bradley S. Wirz, Founder & CEO

P.S.  Please flatter us by subscribing to this blog via email or RSS Feed.  Doing so plays a big role in supporting our philanthropic mission to fund new libraries and other literacy programs in the developing world!

Baby Products: Coming Soon (With Your Help!)

As you may or may not know, GoneReading’s philanthropic mission is to enable readers worldwide by funding the construction of libraries and other literacy programs in the developing world.  In fact, we donate 100% of our profits to such programs.

Rather than asking for donations, we generate these profits through the sale of our reading lifestyle merchandise, designed exclusively for book lovers and readers like yourself.  We encourage you to check out GoneReading’s Online Store.

And now we’re thrilled to announce that GoneReading will soon extend its gift and merchandise offering to include a line of baby products.  Yes, we want to turn your babies into book lovers!

Included in the lineup will be baby hats, onesies, bibs and blankets, each available in a wide variety of colors and sizes (samples displayed above).

Your Creativity Needed

BUT, we need your help in developing new “headlines” and “slogans” for our new baby product lineup.  Have a cute idea?  Post them as a comment below, on our Facebook page, or send them via email to  If we decide to use your idea we will gladly send you any free item of your choosing from our online store!

So put your thinking caps on and send us those ideas.  As always, we appreciate your time!

Bradley S. Wirz, Founder & CEO

P.S.  Please flatter us by subscribing to this blog via email or RSS Feed.  Doing so plays a big role in supporting our philanthropic mission!

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