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8 Tips to Help You Read More

So many books, and so little time!

Serious book lovers like myself love to fantasize about being able to read more.  Literally every morning of my life I think about just blowing off the whole day and catching up on my reading.  Life in the 21st century, however, doesn’t exactly make this possible.

Some people, though, have figured out how to read a lot.  Check out this story of a full-time banking executive who reads as many as 426 books in a year.  It is possible, even with a full time job, to work more reading into our lives.

With that in mind, we’ve put together these simple tips to help you do just that:

1. Read with a Clear Head:  With so little time in our lives to read, make sure you’re mentally available to read before even starting.  If you’re still winding down from a crazy day at work and can’t concentrate, do something else.

2. Do Your Homework First:  We’ve all started a book only to discover it’s not what we expected.  Instead, make sure you know what you’re committing yourself to before starting.  The Internet is full of online book review sites.

3.  Establish Reading Rituals:  In the story above, Kulley has an established routine that includes reading an hour each morning over breakfast.  Figure out what times work best for you and schedule around them.

4.  Set Daily Reading Goals:  Take note of how many pages you read in a typical day and establish goals for yourself.  You might need one daily goal for workdays, and one for days off, but monitor your goals and stick to them.

5.  Keep Track of What You’ve Read:  Mandy from To Read, Or Not To Read suggests keeping a list of what you have read.  As your list grows it can “fuel your desire to read more.”  Websites such as GoodReads and Shelfari can aid in the process.

6.  Disconnect:  Get away from the phone and electronic devices in your life.  As with #1 above, if you’re not able to concentrate on the reading, you’re better off doing something else.

7.  Use Your Commute:  I can’t say enough about audio books.  Although not technically reading, it’s a terrific way to make use of a mundane commute.  Check out some of the audio book resources at The AudioBooks Blog.

8.  Make Reading A Priority:  If reading more is a priority for you, then you need to, well, make it a priority.  That probably means skipping out on something else.  Take an inventory of how you spend your time and see if reading can be elevated above other priorities.

Please let us know if you have other suggestions by commenting below!

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Bradley S. Wirz, Founder & CEO

7 Online Tools for Readers: The Websites Less-Traveled

If you love to read, you’ve undoubtedly spent much time online in the quest for ways to further enhance this timeless passion we call reading.  Whether it’s searching for a rare printed volume, investigating a hidden metaphor, or putting together your wish-list of books and related merchandise, Google can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

And so the GoneReading team was unanimous in its decision to start curating a list of amazing online resources for readers.  And while I admit that I’ve spent more than my share of time on Amazon, our goal is to help you find websites and tools that most readers have never heard of, the websites less-traveled, if you will.

We start with the seven listed below, but this is just the beginning.  We need your own recommendations, and those of your reader friends, to make this list truly authentic and useful.  So check out the sites listed below and leave a comment with your own recommendations.  We’ll check them out, and make the best-of-the-best available to all.

The Book Seer provides great suggestions on what to read next.

Book Recommendations

There are a gazillion book recommendation sites and blogs, so many that we’re going to devote an upcoming article to the topic.  But for starters here are two interesting options:

  • Bookseer is an automated search tool that simply asks you what you’ve just finished reading, and immediately spits out a selection of books to consider.  Nice and simple.
  • More unusual is AllReaders, which actually provides book recommendations based on the plot, setting or character of your choosing.  You can select unbelievably detailed scenarios.  Interested in crime thrillers that feature slightly humorous ninjas?  Then this is the site for you.

Book Buying & Swapping

  • If you’re buying books online and want a great site that uses the profits to support libraries and literacy (just like GoneReading) then you can’t do any better then Better World Books.  They’ll even buy your used books and pay for the shipping.  Great company and business model.
  • If you want to compare the price of a book between online sellers then check out AddAll.  For used and out of print books click here.
  • Want to swap books with other readers for free?  Try BookIns.

Audio Books

If you really want more learning and literature in your life but don’t have time to sit down and read, we can’t say enough about audio books.  Turn that long commute into the most enjoyable part of your day by checking out the following:

  • LibriVox offers an incredible selection of free audio books.
  • I’ve become a huge fan of The Great Courses in recent years.  While the courses aren’t exactly cheap, they offer a tremendous range of original material from the best professors in the world.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed their courses on topics as disparate as economics and classical mythology.

So that’s the short list.  Please share your comments below…

Bradley S. Wirz, Founder & CEO
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